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Morning Meeting Ideas That Really Do Work

Let’s face it. Mornings in the classroom can be tough. That’s why you need morning meeting ideas that really do work. By the time you get to school, you might already be tired and wishing you had a few more minutes of quiet time before your students walk through the door. On the other hand, your students arrive in many different states of mind. Some may be tired and cranky, while others walk into the building feeling safe and happy.

Hear this. It is your job to help your students transition from whatever they are dealing with each morning into a happy, productive day in your classroom. How you greet them matters. What you do from the moment they see you each morning matters.

Here are 3 Morning Meeting Ideas that Work:

  1. Morning Messages. The idea is simple. Write a message on the board. It can be a quick greeting, a note about somMorning Messages Printable Listething funny you saw the evening before, or some words of motivation. Have students copy the message into a journal and share their own related thoughts or pictures. Not sure where to start? Download Your FREE Morning Message Idea List. Yes, I made it just for you!
  2. Greet with a Smile. Yes, I know it’s ultra simple, but it’s oh-so-effective. By standing in the doorway of your classroom and greeting every, single child by name with a smile on your face, you are showing your kiddos that you care. That they matter to you. That you are glad to see them. They need it more than we can imagine.
  3. Morning Meetings. I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now. I understand! But here’s the thing: upper elementary students actually enjoy morning meetings. They don’t have to be elaborate or contrived. Just spend 10 minutes outlining the plan for the day and discussing a current event or a topic of choice. Older students LOVE the opportunity to talk about important things.

There you have it! The bottom line is to show your students that you care about them. Also, students crave consistency. If they know what to expect each morning, it helps start the day in a very positive way!

Don’t forget to download your FREE Morning Message Idea List.  You can also find some great ideas for morning work in this post.

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