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3 End Of The Year Award Ideas for Students

The end of the school year is upon us! From our littlest learners to our to our school staff, everyone is excited for some fun end of the year activities to celebrate our successes after a long year. Celebrating with fun and creative end of year awards for students is a great way to praise them for everything they have accomplished. These end of the year award ideas are sure to be sweet, clever, and won’t break the bank. Let’s get ready to end the year right with student awards as unique as your students.

end of the year awards for students that are perfect for wrapping up any school year

End of the Year Awards for Students

happy students during a class award ceremony

The end of the school year is a great time to celebrate all student accomplishments. As teachers we know that not all students get recognized for grades, perfect attendance or a character award. But that doesn’t make their effort during the year any less important.

While we want to celebrate the accomplishments of our students at the end of the school year, sometimes giving out a certificate of achievement just doesn’t cut it. We want to be sure the end of the year awards we give our students are meaningful and memorable.

end of year awards for students

One of the things that makes the deepest impact on our students is when they realize they were seen – truly seen and understood. While giving academic awards is important, it’s also very important to recognize student talents, abilities, character and uniqueness. Those are the awards your students will remember for years to come.

Here are some End of the Year Award ideas that are sure to make your students feel special and wrap-up another amazing year!

Editable Class Superlative Awards

homework hero award for student

When we reflect back on the accomplishments of our students throughout the year, sometimes traditional awards just don’t acknowledge the achievements of every student. Some of our students’ success can’t be measured by test scores alone. Some of our students shine in other ways and we want to celebrate those special qualities. With these cute End of the Year Awards every student will feel special.

end of year superlative awards with over 100 options

Here’s just a few of the awards you will find in this packet:

  • All-Star
  • Biggest Bookworm
  • Computer Wiz
  • Terrific Team Member
  • Future Scientist
  • Rapid Reader
  • Homework Hero
  • Heading for Hollywood

and many, many more! With over 100 student award options to choose from you are sure to find just the right award for each and every student.

  • end of the year student awards printable and digital

You can celebrate each of your unique students in a way that will make them feel proud and special. Your students will know that you saw them as a person, not just their grades or academic accomplishments. You can find these printable and digital awards in the Appletastic Learning store.

end of the year student awards printable and digital

Candy Bar Awards

Some students are bubbly, some are a joy, and some are as sweet as honey. We know every student is special. Celebrate their uniqueness with some sweet treats. Year after year these Candy Bar Awards are a hit with students and parents!

candy bar awards make a sweet way to remember student accomplishments

Using a candy bar themed award is the “sweetest” way to show your students how much you have enjoyed their uniqueness throughout the school year. These fun end of year awards allows you to recognize things like great attitudes, extra fast problem solving skills, good behavior, being helpful and so much more!

student with cracker jack award

For that special student who has been able to keep the peace by getting along with everyone this year, give them the Dove Award for being the class peacemaker. This could be a Dove bar or a baggie with some Dove chocolate pieces inside.

Do you have a student who always makes others laugh? The Laffy Taffy Award is the perfect choice to celebrate their ability to share laughter with the class. Grab some colorful Laffy Taffy and tape it all over the border of the award for a colorful and tasty certificate.

We all know how much kids love sweets and getting them as a form or recognition is ever sweeter. Awards day will be not soon be forgotten with these yummy candy themed awards. For years to come, students will remember what special candy they received.

  • candy bar awards for end of year student recognition

These delicious reward options are perfect to use in every grade level. Students will love celebrating the unique qualities of their classmates in such a “sweet” way! You can find these Candy Bar Awards in the Appletastic Store.

candy bar awards for end of year student recognition

Dollar Store Awards

End-of-year class activities can get expensive for teachers, especially when you have to buy everything yourself. Celebrating your students at the end of the year in a special way doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet though. Teachers are known for being thrifty and are notorious for making “something” out of “nothing”. It’s one of our magic skills. Let’s put those bargain-hunting skills to good use as we get ready for our end of the year class awards.

dollar store awards combine a colorful certificate with a related dollar store trinket for a memorable award

We all know that the dollar store is a teacher’s best friend. With a few cleverly thought out award options you can celebrate each of your student’s special qualities without breaking the bank. These dollar store awards are fun and creative just like your students. And . . . there’s even a shopping list included!

super scientist award with magnifying glass and plastic bugs

Recognize your super scientist with this fun certificate and a couple small science treats like plastic bugs, a magnifying glass or some plastic goggles. Or recognize that student that always jumps in to help with the Jump to It Award. Add a jump rope to this certificate for a memorable award.

Celebrating your special kiddos doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Honoring them in such a unique and special way is something they will remember for years to come!

end of the year dollar store awards

Celebrate Good times With End Of The Year Awards

Create a Special Award Day

On the last day of school, or during those last few days, carve out a time for your awards. You can make it part of the school day or do it as a special evening event. You know your students and their families best, do what will work for them.

Here’s some easy ideas to make your awards ceremony extra special!

A Red Carpet Event

Make your own version of the red carpet for your special day. Run to the supply room to grab a “red carpet” butcher paper pathway or use something a little more durable like this! In fact, a quick Amazon search will provide you everything you need to transform your classroom into a Hollywood style red carpet award ceremony!

hollywood red carpet theme makes a fun and special awards ceremony

If parents are invited to attend, label their seating area for the paparazzi and let them go crazy with those cameras. Put on some inspiring music and decorate desks or tables with butcher paper. You can even cut out big Hollywood Walk Of Fame style stars and write student names on them.

Handing out awards can feel like a Hollywood awards ceremony too! Consider calling up the students for their awards and presenting their certificates and goodies while their classmates clap. You can even give them a minute or two (depending on how much time you want to set aside for your celebration) to say a little something about what made their year so special, or what they are looking forward to for next year.

Your students are sure to feel like celebrities on this special day.

An Outdoor Celebration

outdoor picnic and awards ceremony is perfect for the end of the school year

As teachers we all know that when spring is in the air, students are just itching to get outside. Why not plan an outside celebration for your end of year awards party. Invite parents to join you for a picnic and then end the gathering with awards.

An Online Awards Party

online zoom party can be made special with clappers, hats and party blowers for a festive atmosphere

It’s not always easy for everyone to gather at the end of the year. Consider having an online Zoom awards party for students, parents, even grandparents! With a little planning, it could become a special memory for all.

Create a slide presentation using digital awards. During the awards party you can share your screen as your give each student their award. Let your students that unlike online class where mute is the normal, it’s not only ok but encouraged for everyone to be heard cheering and clapping for their friends and classmates.

Consider sending home some party blowers and hats to make this the most festive online event of the year.

Sweet Success

If you are using the candy bar awards, or if you just want to celebrate the sweetness of success, go all in with the candy theme! Create a backdrop with giant butcher paper candies. Or let Amazon help out with some inexpensive candy land decor ideas.

candy themed decor and photo booth

Some ideas for candy themed decor indlude:

  • Decorate the hallway outside your room with giant lollipops made of butcher paper and pool noodles
  • Enlarge and print out some colorful candy pieces to hang from the ceiling in your classroom.
  • Create (or buy) an inexpensive candy land backdrop for a candy themed photo booth.

School’s Out for Summer

Since summer is what will be on everyone’s mind, have a summer themed awards party. This works great for the last day of school when you can send students out to start their summer vacation.

No summer awards party would be complete without some bright colored sun glasses. And if you are having a snack or refreshments, consider a summer favorite . . . popsicles.

No matter how you choose to recognize your incredible students for a year well learned, it will be a special day for everyone involved. Students often say they remember how a teacher made them feel more than anything else. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can bring your year to a spectacular end.

Students will love celebrating the end of the school year with these creative and unique student awards.

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Save These End Of The Year Awards for Students

Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can come back for these end of the year awards for students and more classroom ideas for the end of the school year.

end of the year awards for students

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