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Go To Geography Resources for Upper Elementary

Geography is an important part of any social studies curriculum.  Some of the concepts even cross into science standards.  What I love about geography is that helps our students connect with the world they live in.  They learn to understand and appreciate this beautiful planet they live on and what makes it special.  Here are some go to geography resources that are perfect for the upper elementary classroom.

Whether you are learning about the geographical features of the Earth, the 7 continents, countries around the world or the states, these geography resources are sure to engage your students and help them learn the key skills and concepts.

Maps, Continents, Oceans & Map Skills

This first go to geography resource covers many of the foundational topics and skills in geography.  Students will learn about the continents, oceans and different landforms, while working on important map skills. What my students love most is the interactive notebook features.  It allows them to take what they are learning in their reading and lessons and make it personal.  There social studies notebook becomes their ultimate resource for learning and review.  And there is something special and creating it that helps the information stick.

geography resource for maps continents oceans and landforms interactive geography notebook

Students will learn about different types of maps and what they are used for.  learning about different types of mapsThis resource also includes learning about latitude and longitude and takes basic map skills to the next level.  I love to challenge my students to find these different maps being used in real life.  They are able to quickly realize that maps have different purposes and make connections to how we use them in everyday life.

Making those real world connections is one of the things I love most about teaching geography.  This stuff is practical and we are building skills our students will use for the rest of their lives.

As part of working on these map skills students will also learn about the continents and major oceans.

Related Posters and Word Wall Cards

As we learn about each of these areas, I love to add images and the vocabulary words to our classroom.  My goal is to provide learning tools around the room to help the students in their work.  These Landforms Posters and Word Wall Cards and Continents and Oceans Posters and Word Wall Cards help to provide students with the visual support they need as we are learning.

You can find all of these oceans, continents and landforms resources my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can grab them individually if there is a single concept you need, or you can grab them all together in the complete bundle.  The bundle includes all of the activities, posters and word wall cards.

geography resource bundle with posters and word wall

Continents and Oceans Foldable Book

This is another fun and hands-on learning opportunity that my students love.  I’m absolutely positive that what they love is making the continents and oceans mini-book.  As a teacher what I loved was the learning and that this hands-on activity was no prep for me except making copies.  That’s a win-win for sure!  This foldable book is a great activity to use on its own or with the interactive notebook activities above. Either way, its a student loved addition to any lesson on the continents.

foldable geography book for continents and oceans

Digital Continents, Oceans and Maps

Just in case you find yourself needing to do some technology integration, in a 1:1 classroom setting or needing resources for distance learning or virtual teaching, the same skills and information can be found in this Continents and Oceans Digital Activities Pack.

continents oceans and maps for google classroom

This digital resource will give your students engaging activities for learning the continents and oceans.  Using these Google Slides activities your students will learn about the continents, oceans, and types of landforms with opportunities to work on map skills too.  The same great content and skills based learning as the paper resources, just in a digital format!

These digital activities can be used on their own or in addition to paper based activities.  They are so easy to assign to students using Google Classroom or a share link which allows you to share via email or another online learning platform.

United States Geography Resources

Do your geography lessons take you into studying the United States?  This U.S. Regions Bundle will give you everything you need to teach about the different regions and all 50 states in the United States.

As you study each region you will learn about the region and all of the states in that region.  Students will learn to identify the states, their capitals, landmarks, physical features and more.  This resource also includes activities for student note-taking, quizzes, bulletin board resources and a fun postcard writing activity.

United States regions and states geography activity

State Reports for the United States

Another great activity when learning about United States geography is the state report.  Whether all of the students do a report on the state you live in, or whether they each choose a different state, the state report is a great way to connect social studies, research and writing skills.  And if you choose the digital state reports you add in technology skills too!

U.S. state report digital project               United States state report

Both of these state report options will have your students learning about the important features of the states in the  United States.  Students use the research resource guide to help them get started.  Both projects include note taking activities to help them keep track of the facts they are learning.  As students put together their final project these resources include everything your students will need to create a quality digital or paper project.

Find more engaging geography resources for the United States and around the world!

Save these Go To Geography Resources

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