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How to Increase Blog Traffic – 5 Tips for Getting Started

You’ve written a great blog post, published it, and sit back to wait for the readers to flock into your site by the hundreds. And yet, nobody visits, except maybe Aunt Edna who is your biggest fan. Crickets. You wonder how to increase blog traffic. You think, “What is SEO? How do I improve SEO on my site?”

That was me up until about a year ago. Then I discovered the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what it can do for increasing traffic not only to my site, but also through the use of search-friendly pins on Pinterest.

You should probably know that I am not a tech-loving person. I seriously just want to create resources to help teachers and students. I despise spending time figuring out tech-related things. Just the initial thought of SEO, search engines, and plugins can send me into a tailspin. The point is, if I can do it, you can, too.

Here are 5 tips on how to increase blog traffic:

1. Write authentic content:

If every post you write is self-promotional, people will not read it and will be turned off fairly quickly. By truly serving your audience and providing them with helpful, meaningful content, you will build trust. Readers are far more likely to pin an image from a helpful post (thus sharing it with more people) than from a sales promotion post.

2. Include a vertical image in each post:

Why? Readers are more apt to share a nice, vertical image to Pinterest directly from your post. And we all know that Pinterest favors vertical images. The current suggested ratio is 2:3. I create my pins in PowerPoint at about an 8×12 slide dimension, then I save them as jpegs. If you are truly looking  for steps on how to increase blog traffic, great vertical images are really helpful!

3. Write search-friendly descriptions:

Most readers don’t usually change or add pin descriptions when they pin your images. So it is highly probable that the original description will stick with that pin as it gets re-pinned to various boards on Pinterest.

There is a nice shortcut for adding a good description that will follow your pin when it is shared from your post:

First, in edit mode for your post, right click on your vertical image.

Then, in the box that says “Alternative Text”, add a search friendly description. In the description, use words that Pinterest users will be searching for to find tips, strategies, or ideas that your post addresses. Then click “Update”.

Now your vertical image has a description that will follow it as it is repinned and shared on Pinterest. For an even better way to do this, check out the super-helpful SEO Basics Course!

4. Link up related posts:

By adding links to related posts and information, you are not only helping your reader to gain more helpful information, but you are also driving traffic to older posts. It also shows your readers that you know your material and that you are a great curator of content!

5. Use keywords:

Keywords are really important. And knowing the keywords which people are searching for can be really helpful in learning how to increase blog traffic. Using the Google search bar is a great place to start.

Let’s suppose you are writing a post about close reading strategies. When you type that phrase into the Google search bar, you will see a nice list of related terms that people are searching for. By using some of those terms throughout your post, you will make your post more visible and searchable.

These 5 tips on how to increase blog traffic can help make a small difference in getting more visitors to your site. If you are ready to really dive in and get an even larger number of people visiting your site and seeing your awesome content, then you need to check out the SEO Basics Course!

Heather from The Academic V.A. has spent the past few years learning how to do SEO. She serves as a virtual assistant to many bloggers, particularly in the teacherpreneur field.

Heather and I recently teamed up to create a course on the basics of SEO. She shares her expertise in an easy-to-follow, no frills approach. With just a few sessions and a little practice, you will be able to begin using SEO on your blog posts and Pinterest pins!


  • PDF guide on the basics of SEO, including:
    • What is SEO? Why does it matter?
    • Choosing Google keywords for a blog post
    • Increasing Pinterest traffic using keywords
    • Choosing between similar keywords
    • And MORE!
  • An SEO Checklist telling you exactly what to include in your blog posts for maximum SEO exposure.
  • Session 1 Video:  Learn the basics of SEO, how to search for Google and Pinterest keywords, AND how to choose between two similar keywords.
  • Session 2 Video: Gain an understanding of exactly how to write a Pinterest keyword rich description.
  • Session 3 Video: Learn the steps you need to take to ensure your Blogger blog post is fully SEO optimized.
  • Session 4 Video:  Learn the process steps you need to take to ensure your post is fully SEO optimized on a self-hosted WordPress blog.
  • Session 5 Video:  Wrap up your SEO Basics with a review of the “Must Do” lists for new blog posts and new products.

Click HERE to get started with the course today!

image of a desk stating "5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog - 5 Easy Steps"

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