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New Year’s Resolution Worksheets for Upper Elementary Classrooms

Whether you are celebrating a new school year or a new calendar year, New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to teach your upper elementary students about setting goals.  These New Year’s Resolution Worksheets are a great way to guide your students through setting goals and writing about goals.

New Years Resolution Worksheets

New Year’s Resolutions Worksheets for Goal Setting

You just returned from the Christmas holiday {or an even longer summer break}  and its time to get your students writing again.  Why not start with a fun and engaging goal setting activity!  Super Goals for a Super New Year is a great way to get your students thinking about and writing about goals.

Goal setting has been proven to be highly beneficial to people in all areas of life.  But why are goals so important?  By setting goals we identify what is important to us.  With the end in mind, we can then create a plan that will move us closer toward what we find important. And when we are part of creating the plan we take ownership in it.  Goals help us keep focused and make decisions. Whether it’s a CEO of a Fortune 500 Company of a potty-training 2 year old, goals are everywhere.

Teach your students this important skill and practice writing with these New Year’s Resolutions Worksheets for goal setting and writing.

Guided Goal Setting

Teach your students about the importance of setting goals and guide them through the goal setting process with these Super Goals worksheets.  Students will begin by choosing four goals for the new year.  Before setting the students off on their own, a whole class goals brainstorming session is a great idea.

new year's resolution worksheets for goal setting

Start by giving some general categories and then allow students to share some possible goals for each category.  Here’s some goal categories you might want to use:

  • A goal for school
  • A goal for home
  • Getting better at a skill
  • Trying something new
  • Character goals
  • Physical / Health goals

After the class has a created a nice list of possible goals, then allow students to choose four goals for themselves. I would suggest doing all of this in one day and then stopping.

The next day you will model how to plan steps for accomplishing a goal.  It’s always fun to choose a goal that the students really loved or something they find funny to use for modeling the planning.  The more they love the goal the more engaged they will be to the planning process.  Allow students to brainstorm different things they can do in order to help them reach their goal.  Explain that by following steps they can work toward their goal.

Once students understand the idea of creating steps to reach their goals, then have them go and fill in steps for each of the four goals they chose the day before.

new year's resolution worksheets for writing

Guided Writing

It’s never a bad idea to guide our writers through the writing process.  Not only does this help them learn and understand the steps, but it also helps them to build good writing habits along the way.  Use the prewriting worksheet to model how students will take their goal and the steps and turn them into a sentences and eventually a paragraph.  This is a great time to reinforce the concepts of main idea and supporting details.

new year's resolution worksheets for writing

Begin with the same goal the class used when planning together the day before.  Have students take the goal and turn it into a main idea sentence.  Then each of the steps will be turned into a supporting detail sentence.

After modeling, students will choose one of their four goals and complete the guided prewriting worksheet.

The next day it’s time to put it all together!  Use the sentences from the prewriting page to start writing the rough draft of the goal setting paragraph.  To get instant buy-in for this step, show students how easy it is to write the rough draft since most of the work is already done.  By using the sentences from the prewriting and some transitions, students can create a good rough draft.

After writing the rough draft, review the revising and editing step.  Use the same procedures you use for other writing here so that students have a consistent tool to use for this step.

When students are ready for the final draft, give them the Super Goals writing paper.  After writing their final draft allow them to color in the coordinating football and football helmet for a super cute writing display.

new year's resolution worksheets for goals and writing

New Year’s Resolutions Display

The New Year’s Resolution Worksheets packet includes everything you need to create an eye-catching display of your student’s writing.

new year's resolution worksheets and writing display

Your students will love seeing their Super Goals displayed on the class bulletin board or in the hallway.  This printable resource includes everything you need to make a Super Goals for a Super New Year display.  All you have to do is print and cut the letters and a couple of pictures.  The students will prepare everything else!

new years resolution writing display

Your super duper football themed bulletin board will last the season too!  Football season starts in late summer or early fall and goes all the way through until February.  So no matter when you choose to do this activity, your writing display will be timely.

Save Super Goal Setting and Writing

Not ready to use these New Year’s Resolution Worksheets quite yet?  No problem.  Just pin this to your classroom ideas Pinterest board so you can quickly and easily find it later.

New Year's Resolutions Worksheets Pin

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