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4th Grade Spelling and Vocabulary Program for the YEAR Bundle

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This 4th grade Spelling and Vocabulary program is your one stop resource for NO PREP spelling lessons and printables for the entire YEAR. Your students will love the fun printables and spelling activities included in this complete spelling packet, too! Everything you need for a complete spelling curriculum is included: weekly lesson plans, spelling lists, sample sentences, worksheets, word work, tests, and more! Just PRINT and GO!

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This resource contains everything you need to teach 4th grade spelling for ALL 36 weeks of the school year. It has been thoughtfully constructed to address the Common Core standards and helps students learn and master words for specific spelling rules and patterns, as well as academic content vocabulary.

Each list has 10 words that have a common pattern, prefix, suffix, or rule, and 5 words that are related to academic content. The words have been well-researched and carefully built to help your fourth graders develop a stronger vocabulary, as well as spelling mastery.

Each week’s list includes the following pages:
• Teacher Notes: Objectives, Common Core Standards, Week at a Glance, Optional Activity Suggestions, and Spelling List
• Spelling Pre-Test and Post-Test sentences
• Printable Spelling Word List
• Spelling Pre-Test and Post-Test
• Look, Say, Cover, Write
• Making Meaning Worksheet
• Word Practice Worksheet
• Fun with Words Activity
• Answer Keys

The lists in this curriculum address the following rules or patterns:

Unit 1:
Week 1: Short Vowels a, e
Week 2: Short Vowels i, o, u
Week 3: Long Vowels a, e
Week 4: Long Vowels i, o, u
Week 5: Words with scr, squ, str
Week 6: Words with ch and sh
Week 7: Words with thr
Week 8: Words with Silent Letters
Week 9: Words with /or/ Sound

Unit 2:
Week 10: Words with /ûr/ Sound
Week 11: Words with a Schwa Sound
Week 12: Possessive Nouns
Week 13: Easily Misspelled Words
Week 14: Irregular Plurals
Week 15: Words with Final /el/ Sound
Week 16: Homophones
Week 17: Words with /j/ Sound
Week 18: Words with /k/ Sound

Unit 3:
Week 19: Words with /s/ Sound
Week 20: Words with ex-
Week 21: Prefixes in-, un-
Week 22: Prefix re-
Week 23: Prefix dis-
Week 24: Suffix -ly
Week 25: Suffix -ful
Week 26: Suffix -less
Week 27: Number Words

Unit 4:
Week 28: Words with /shun/ Sound
Week 29: Words with /cher/ and /yer/ Sound
Week 30: Easily Misspelled Words
Week 31: Adjectives Ending with -er and -est
Week 32: Compound Words
Week 33: r-Controlled Vowels
Week 34: r-Controlled Vowels
Week 35: Words with le
Week 36: Words with al and el

Fellow teacher-author Kim Miller and I have teamed up to create the most helpful spelling and vocabulary curriculum possible. This resource is truly the ideal way to improve your students’ spelling and vocabulary skills! Plus, with NO PREP for you, it’s the best of both worlds!

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Thank you so much,
Shelly Rees


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