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Close Reading Questions and Strategies | Question Stem Cards



These Close Reading Question Stem Cards are the perfect classroom tool in helping you scaffold your questions and bring students from surface level understanding to a deeper level comprehension for ANY TEXT. Just print, laminate, punch a hole at the top, and place on a key ring for super easy reference!

Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included!

If you have never used Close Reading or even if you are already a pro, this Close Reading Question tool truly is for you! It has ready-to-go question stems for varying levels of understanding.

This packet includes:

  • 9 Vibrant Question Stem Cards
  • 9 B/W Question Stem Cards
  • Close Reading Overview
  • Close Reading Question Levels Guide

There are three question stem cards for each of these levels of understanding:

  1. Key Ideas and Details
  2. Craft and Structure
  3. Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Question stems have been carefully crafted to move readers from basic, recall questions to higher-level questions where students must cite evidence from the text to support their answers.

Click HERE to see the complete CLOSE READING TOOLKIT, which includes a video, posters, annotation guide, differentiated passage, Close Reading printables, and more!

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