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End of the Year Awards | Candy Bar Awards EDITABLE


Total Pages: 66
File Size: 55 MB


End of Year Awards have never been sweeter or more fun! This packet includes OVER 60 different Candy Bar Award Certificates for you to use in an end of the year celebration. Now includes BOTH printable and digital options!! Create a memorable ending to the school year that your students will NEVER forget!

This set of Candy Bar Awards includes a candy shopping list for you to quickly find matching prizes for each certificate. This is a huge time saver for you! Your students will love their candy bar that match their certificates; I promise you will see lots of smiles!

This packet includes 3 options for you to choose from:

  1. PRINTABLE award certificates – Just print the PDF file and write in your students’ names with your favorite colored pen.
  2. EDITABLE PowerPoint – Simply type your students’ names into the provided text boxes and then print.
  3. EDITABLE Google Slides – Type your students’ names into the provided text boxes and then print.

By “editable”, I mean that you are able to type in your own students’ names and dates. You are NOT able to change the titles of the awards.

You choose the option that best works for you. All directions are included to make it as easy as possible for you during this hectic time of year!

Candy bars are NOT included with this resource. 😉 Sorry!

The following candy bar awards are included in this resource:

  • Airheads: showing common sense, not being an airhead
  • Almond Joy: bring joy and happiness to the classroom
  • Baby Ruth: being a star athlete
  • Bar None: improving and working hard
  • Bit-O-Honey: being as sweet as honey
  • Bubble Yum: having a fun and bubbly attitude
  • Bubblicious: having a happy, bubbly attitude
  • Carefree: having a happy, carefree attitude
  • Chuckles: bringing laughter to the classroom
  • Cracker Jack: being a prize student
  • Crunch: working hard and coming through in a crunch
  • Dots: being on time and arriving on the dot
  • Dove: being the class peacemaker
  • Extra: putting forth extra effort
  • Fast Break: having super-fast reading skills
  • Fast Break: having super-fast math skills
  • Fast Break: having super-fast problem-solving skills
  • Gobstoppers: doing gobs and gobs of learning
  • Goobers: keeping learning fun and gooberous
  • Good N Plenty: having good behavior plenty of times
  • Gummy Bear: being as sweet & lovable as a gummy bear
  • Hot Tamales: being quick-thinking on your feet
  • Jolly Rancher: having a jolly, positive attitude
  • Junior Mints: being “mint” for something great
  • Kit Kat: helping and giving others a break
  • Krackel: cracking the code and solving tough problems
  • Kudos: Kudos for being a great classroom helper
  • Laffy-Taffy: sharing love of laughter
  • Lifesavers: helping out and being a lifesaver
  • Lindor: “lending” a pen or pencil anytime it’s needed
  • M&M: being marvelous and magnificent
  • Mars: being a student who is out of this world
  • Milky Way: being an out-of-this-world scientist
  • Milky Way: being an out-of-this-world mathematician
  • Milky Way: being an out-of-this-world reader
  • Milky Way: being an out-of-this-world speller
  • Miss Goodbar: being a good, kind friend
  • Mr. Goodbar: being a good, kind friend
  • Mounds: accomplishing mounds of learning
  • Now and Later: willingness to work now and later
  • Nutrageous: adding some wild and nutty moments
  • Payday: attaining a payday of good grades
  • Peppermint Patty: you are worth a mint to us
  • Reese’s Pieces: putting the pieces of a problem together
  • Riesen: being the reason your classmates & teachers smile
  • Ring Pop: always ringing up the correct answer
  • Rolo: showing how to roll with change on difficult days
  • Skittles: creating colorful masterpieces of art
  • Skor: scoring lots of good grades
  • Smarties: showing smarts in school subjects
  • Snickers: being the class giggler
  • Sour Patch Kids: helping turn sour situations into sweet ones
  • Spree: Willingness to go on a helping spree at any time
  • Starburst: being a superstar
  • SweetTart: for the classroom sweetheart
  • Symphony: for the classroom musician
  • Teddy Grahams: being sweet and lovable as a teddy bear
  • Three Musketeers: for a great team member and friend
  • Tootsie Pop: sharing poppin’ good energy when we need it
  • Twix: for the student who has a few “Twix” up his sleeve
  • Twizzler: ability to untwist and solve difficult problems
  • Whoppers: being a wonderful story-teller
  • 100 Grand: having a great ability to work with numbers

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