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Indigenous Peoples Day Activities | Facts About Christopher Columbus



Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the history of the early people of North America, who were here long before Columbus. Your students will love learning about the Native Americans with this complete unit of study! With a Trail of Tears reading passage, worksheets, interactive notebook activities, and even a word search, this packet is your one stop resource for easily teaching about Indigenous People of North America.

Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included!

While it is true that in 1492, Columbus did sail the ocean blue, there are several myths and misunderstandings about the explorer and his voyage. The “Christopher Columbus: Fact or Fiction?” printable in this packet is the perfect way to introduce this unit and Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Help dispel common common myths about Christopher Columbus and his exploration with this factual, unbiased approach.

This high-interest packet includes:
• Christopher Columbus: Fact or Fiction?
• Trail of Tears Reading Passage and Questions
• Trail of Tears Map Activity
• Famous Native Americans Mini Book Activity
• Famous Native Americans Matching Activity
• Native Languages Word Wheel
• Native American Tribes Information Guide
• Native American Tribes Interactive Notebook Foldables
• Word Search
• Answer Keys

Click HERE to see a complete Iroquois unit of study.

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