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Suffixes Posters | Suffix List and Meaning



Suffixes and their meanings are an important concept for students to understand in word study and reading. These colorful, visually-appealing posters and student notecards make it easy to reinforce the concept year-round. Each poster identifies a suffix, its meaning, and an example.

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This helpful resource includes:

  • Suffix Guide Sheet
  • 13 Full-Color Suffix Posters
  • 13 B/W Ink-Saving Suffix Posters
  • 1/2 Page Suffix Word Cards
  • 1/4 Page Suffix Student Notecards
  • B/W, Ink-Saving Options for ALL Pieces

This resource addresses the following common suffixes:

A student guide sheet is also included for easy reference. The sheet is perfect for students to place in their interactive notebooks!

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