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Valentine’s Day Math Escape Activity NO LOCKS NEEDED

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Can your students work in teams to solve this fun Valentine’s Day Math Escape Challenge by completing quadrilateral problems and puzzles in order to collect all the items to build a snowman? This is a fun winter math activity that will have your students engaged and LOVING every minute of classifying quadrilaterals practice and review! Perfect for a bakery classroom transformation, math test prep, or Valentine’s Day math activities!


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All problems in this challenge require students to know the attributes of quadrilaterals. Students will be required to identify characteristics of quadrilaterals, parallelograms, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, rhombus, triangles, and pentagons.


This engaging, high-interest Valentine’s Day Math Escape Challenge includes these printable activities:

  • Teacher Directions
  • Bakery Items Collection Sheet
  • Task 1: Sort the Shapes
  • Task 2: What am I?
  • Task 3: Color by Code
  • Task 4: True or False?
  • Task 5: Crack the Code
  • Challenge Champion Printables (for labeling candy bars as prizes)
  • Challenge Champion Award Certificates
  • Answer Keys


Students can work in teams or individually to complete all 5 tasks. As they complete each of the 5 tasks of the Valentine’s Day Math Escape Challenge, they will bring you their answers and you will quickly check them. If they are correct, you will hand them a Valentine’s treat item (printed on the provided page) and then the next task. They continue this process until all 5 tasks are completed. When they finish, they are “Valentine’s Bakery Top Chefs” and you can give them a prize or an award.


Use the provided Challenge Champions Prize printables with individual candy bars to make fun prizes for students!


There are no locks, no hiding of objects, or any extra prep work. The beauty of this escape activity is that it is very low prep. Just make your copies, organize your teams, label your candy bars (if you want to give prizes), and you’re set!


Of course, some fun music and Valentine’s Day decorations also help set the stage if you want!


As always, please contact me with any questions!

Thank you so much,
Shelly Rees


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