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5 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities for Kids

Oh St. Patrick’s Day! A day filled with luck, sneaky leprechauns, and dreams of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a whimsical holiday that kids love. Bring some of this holiday fun into your classroom with these St. Patrick’s Day math activities. Designed for upper elementary aged students, they are sure to add some fun, engagement, and standards-based learning to your day!

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities for Upper Elementary Kids

Engaging students with the fun and whimsy of holidays is a great way to keep them focused and learning when they may not otherwise be so inclined. St. Patrick’s Day can be a tricky day to manage in the classroom with lots of talk of leprechauns, rainbows, green and the occasional pinch. Keep your students’ minds off the pinching and on the learning with these fun math activities. All of these skills based activities will help students practice and review important math skills. With testing just around the corner for many schools, an engaging math review is just what you need.

Lucky Charms Math

Lucky Charms math activity is a hit with students as they practice math skills using the popular cereal as their manipulatives

There’s no better way to start a day of St. Patrick’s Day math than with the ever popular cereal Lucky Charms! While our primary grade friends might be using this for counting or graphing we can’t let them have all the yummy fun. This activity has been redesigned with older kids in mind!

Your students will love using Lucky Charms cereal as the basis for this converting fractions activity. Students will use the cereal pieces to determine what fraction of their cereal is each type. This will include separating out each type of marshmallow and the non-marshmallow cereal pieces.

Once students have provided a fraction for each cereal type they will then get busy converting that fraction to a decimal and a percent. Guaranteed to be the tastiest math activity of the month!

Pot o’Gold Match-Up

two digit by two digit multiplication practice where students match the pot of gold to the gold coin with the correct answer

You can’t ever get too much practice on the basic operations. After all, these are skills our students will use for the rest of their lives. Helping them master them with fluency will only help them build confidence as they move into upper level math classes.  

This multiplication matching activity is so much fun! But don’t let the word ‘fun’ fool you; there’s a lot of math practice to be had on this worksheet.

Students will love working on two digit by two digit multiplication with this St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold activity. Students will complete each multiplication problem and then match the pot to the gold coin with the correct answer.

Make it Interactive!

Cut the worksheet into cards with problems and answers to make an interactive class game or a great small group teaching activity.

Turn this into an interactive whole class activity. Simply cut apart pots and gold coins into separate pieces. Give each student one piece and have them find their match. Once they think they found their match, have them use a sheet of paper to show their work to prove they match.

This interactive activity would be a great one if your students already have a solid grasp on two digit by two digit multiplication. They might not need a full page of practice problems, but a little review never hurts!

You can also use this as a small group reteaching or intervention activity. Help students focus on one problem at a time by giving them one pot. Then lay all of the answer coins out on the table. Once they complete their problem they can find the matching coin.

Prime Patty

Prime numbers are something that can be a struggle for many students. So reviewing or practicing the concept is a great idea. With this prime number activity, students will color in each leprechaun hat based on the code provided.

finding prime numbers is fun with this St. Patrick's day math activity

Easily reinforce the concept by having students write a multiplication problem under each hat for the number provided. If the number is a prime number then their answer must be x1 problem. But, if the number is not a prime number, then have them write any other multiplication fact except for a x1.

A St. Patrick’s Day Math Party

Plan a Party and work on money skills at the same time with this fun math worksheet for St. Patrick's Day

When it comes to classroom parties this is the best kind. No mess, no food, no sugar highs. But . . . your students will love planning a party using this fun money activity.

Students will work on adding, subtracting and multiplying with decimals as they answer the questions. A great way to connect decimals to real life.

When students are done, have them turn their paper over and plan a party for their class. You can have them figure the cost based on the number of students in their class or give them a budget and have them decide what to buy. A great extension for early finishers!

Lucky Equivalent Fractions

Chances are the concept of equivalent fractions is part of your required teaching standards. Lots of students have difficulty with this so we can’t leave that up to luck! This lucky cover activity is a great way to give students that practice they need to master this skill.

These lucky shamrocks will have your students working with equivalent fractions in this St. Patrick's Day math worksheet

Students will determine if the two fractions listed are equivalent. They will color code the shamrocks to show their answer. Students can also make each equation true by turning the equal sign into a not equal sign for those equations that are not equivalent.

To take it up to the next level, have students choose one or more of the not equivalent fractions and find a new fraction that would be equivalent. You can also grab some shamrock shaped die cuts and have students write an equivalent fraction on each leaf. Use these to decorate a bulletin board or the classroom door!

Some Non-Math Fun too!

The St. Patrick’s Day themed word search makes a great morning work activity or word work activity. After students find all the words, have them write a story using the words from the puzzle. A great way to connect this fun holiday to language arts skills too!

St. Patrick's Day word search

St. Patrick’s Day No Prep Math

You can find all of these activities in the St. Patrick’s Day NO PREP Math activities resource in the Appletastic Learning store.

fun and engaging skills based math activities for St. Patrick's Day

Your students will love these NO PREP St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities and you will love knowing that they are getting the skills practice they need. 

Looking for More St. Patrick’s Day Fun?

Check out these other St. Patrick’s Day resources and fill your lesson plans with themed activities for the day (or all week)!

Save these St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so that you can come back when you need skills based math activities that your students will love!

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities for Upper Elementary Kids

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