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Christmas Activities for Kids

During the Christmas season it can be hard to keep students engaged in the classroom.  However, by incorporating the fun and excitement of the holidays, students will naturally be engaged and excited.  These fun Christmas activities for kids will have your students learning right up to the school break.

Christmas Activities for Kids in the Classroom

Fun Christmas Activities for Kids in the Classroom

Sometimes we get so focused on the academics and the tests and the scores and the rigor, that we forget to let our older students have fun and enjoy the holidays at school. These Christmas Activities for Kids were designed to bring some holiday cheer into the classroom without losing the academic focus.  Your students will love the Christmas themed activities and you will love that your students are working important skills and concepts.  All of these activities would fall under the category of NO Prep or LOW Prep! During a month that is already so busy, that is an early teacher gift.

No Prep Christmas Parts of Speech

Christmas Activities for Kids Parts of Speech

These Christmas themed Color By Code pages are a fun and engaging way for your students to review parts of speech. This set of Color by Part of Speech pages will help students practice their grammar skills and give you a quick and easy way to see what they know.  There are six different Color by Code pages in this resource, and each one covers multiple parts of speech. Students will practice identifying the correct part of speech for a variety of words while coloring the picture according to the key.  This is also a great way to learn and review Christmas themed vocabulary too!

These Color by Code are NO PREP!  Just print, copy and go!  Your students will love them.

Christmas Math and Language Arts – All in One!

What if you could find one resource to cover math, reading, grammar and more?  You can with this Christmas themed Math and Reading Worksheets packet.  This packet includes a little of everything you need to keep your students learning while adding some Christmas fun.

Christmas Math and Reading Activities for Kids

This packet is jam-packed with fun, academic activities for many subjects!  Here’s a little peek at what you students will be busy learning with these worksheets, games and activities.

  1. Identifying Composite Numbers
  2. Solving Word Problems
  3. Working with Money
Language Arts
  1. Revising and Editing
  2. Finding Synonyms
  3. Cause and Effect Connections
Academic Extras
  1. Logic Puzzle – Perfect for building important analytical skills
  2. Word Puzzles – Perfect for reinforcing spelling/phonics and vocabulary
  3. Christmas Cards – Perfect for the writing center, a parent gift, or a change of pace writing assignment

Your students will be practicing these important skills and having fun too!  You will be able to relax knowing that your students will be engaged in learning with a fun holiday twist.

Christmas Project Based Learning Activities

Gingerbread House Project Based Learning UnitWhether you are a Project Based Learning Pro or Newbie you must check out this fun holiday themed activity.  Students will use real world math, reading, writing, logic, creativity and more as they design a gingerbread house in this PBL unit.  AND, the best part – these are mess free gingerbread houses!  No gingerbread, frosting or candy required.

This unit will guide your students through all the steps of learning, planning and creating their final gingerbread projects.  This unit includes three different final projects you can choose from  – or do them all!

  • Create a Gingerbread House
  • Measure Your Gingerbread House
  • Gingerbread House Contest Entry Form

Your students won’t realize they are learning to assimilate their knowledge into real world, every day activities.  This project is sure to be a favorite that they will talk about for months to come.

Christmas Writing Task Cards

Keep your students writing this holiday season with these fun Christmas themed writing task cards.  Who says writing practice has to look like a standardized test writing prompt? These not-so-ordinary writing assignments will have your students begging for more writing time.

Christmas Writing Task Cards

Your students will love expressing their thoughts and ideas in writing.  Here’s just a small sampling of what they will be doing:

  • giving their opinions about their the best type of Christmas lights or Christmas cookies
  • persuading Santa to hire them as an elf
  • write about their own Christmas traditions
  • create an original Christmas poem
  • write a fiction Christmas story
  • fine tune their how-to writing
  • research and write about the history of Christmas traditions
  • prepare questions for an interview with Santa

This list could go on and on.  There are so many different writing skills and styles included in these 36 task cards.  Just print, cut and go!  These task cards will keep your students busy writing all month long.  For an extra holiday touch, use the included Christmas themed writing paper instead of regular paper!

Christmas Writing Flip-Books

Christmas Writing Activities for Kids Flip Books


Make writing fun just by changing the paper! Students are so used to writing on a plain piece of paper, that when they see these flip-books they don’t even realize they are writing.

This print and go resource includes 6 different themed writing flip books.  Each flip book includes a specific topic that students will write about.  Each tab in the book gets them thinking and writing about a different aspect of the topic.  What a great way to practice addressing different aspects of a topic, supporting main ideas, and thinking through a topic.

Students will practice a variety of writing styles and skills with these Christmas Flip Books!


Save this Idea for Later!

You can easily bring some holiday cheer into the classroom without losing the academic focus.  Pin this now to save the idea for later.

5 fun Christmas activities for kids

Looking for More Seasonal Learning?

If you love connecting your classroom learning to the seasons or holidays then you must check out these other posts. Here are many seasonal activities that will engage your students while still keeping them focused on the important skills and standards they need.


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