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5 Fun Christmas Math Worksheets for Upper Elementary Classrooms

5 Fun Christmas Worksheets for Math

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Christmas is coming and your students are excited.  Harness their excitement and keep them learning with these fun and engaging Christmas math worksheets.  Your students will have so much fun they won’t realize they are working!  This No Prep Christmas themed resource is perfect for your upper elementary classroom.

5 Fun Christmas Worksheets for Math

It can be tough to keep the students focused during the holidays.  Instead of fighting against the excitement use it to build engagement in the classroom.  Here’s five fun and engaging Christmas worksheets that will have your students practicing important math skills with a holiday twist.

christmas math worksheets for upper elementary classrooms

1. Decoration Division

  Christmas Math Worksheets for Division

Your students must complete each division problem in order to determine if the given answer is correct.  Students will verify correct answers by coloring the ornament.  If the answer is wrong, students must write the correct answer under the ornament.  Solving division problems has never been so fun or festive!

Do you have a class Christmas tree?  If so, let students choose one or more colored ornament to cut out and add to the class tree!

2. Shopping for Santa Money Practice

Christmas Math Worksheet Money Practice

Your students will love helping Santa prepare for the Christmas holidays by shopping for him.  Students will work on adding, subtracting and multiplying with money, and comparing numbers.  But even more importantly, they will  love doing math as they help Santa complete his shopping list.  Have your early finishers turn the paper over and write a word problem using the toys and and price tags from this page.

Let this activity be the spring board for their own Christmas shopping.  Save the weekly sale ads from the newspaper for a couple of weeks, then challenge students to complete their own Christmas shopping.  Give them a budget for all of their spending and let them decide how they will shop for their family and friends within that budget.  Students will find gifts and their prices in the sales ads.  You can even introduce the concept of sales tax if you feel your students are ready for that.  What a great real-world math activity!

3. Merry Multiples

Merry Multiples Christmas Multiplication Practice

We all know that those 7’s can be tough when it comes to multiplication facts.  Your students will love mastering those 7’s with this Christmas math maze.  Students won’t even realize how many times they are reviewing their multiplication by 7 as they complete this activity.  On the back, students can write the multiplication fact for each of the multiples they find and get a second round of practice.  Pretty soon, those pesky 7’s will be perfectly mastered!

After they are finished, your students can create their own Multiples Maze using graph paper or blank paper.  Challenge them to make a maze for the multiples they have the most difficulty with.  When they are done, you will have a set of student created math mazes that could be used in centers, for early finishers or in small groups.  Just laminate them for repeat use.

4. Multi-Digit Multiplication Riddle  multiplication christmas worksheet for math

Challenge your students to solve this Christmas riddle and they will be excited for multiplication!  Students will be working three digit by two digit multiplication as they try to figure out the answer to the question “What do elves learn in school?”  The great part about this worksheet is that students can self-check their answers with the riddle.

5. Simplifying Fractions with Santa’s Sack

fractions Christmas math worksheet

Give your students practice simplifying fractions this holiday season.  Students will determine if a fraction can be simplified or if it is already in its simplified form.  Students will color in those fractions that cannot be simplified, while simplifying the others. Simplifying fractions is such a great way to work on multiplication and division math facts without even knowing it.

Challenge students to identify the division rule they use on any of the fractions they simplified.   Have them choose one or more of the fractions and write it on the back (or they can make their own too!).  Then have them figure out and write out the division rule they used to simplify.  Some students may simplify in one step (divide  by 6) or some may take two (divide by 3 then divide by 2).  Either way, they are searching for an unknown and that lays the foundation for algebra.

Bonus Logic Puzzle

Your students will never know that they are practicing important logic and analysis skills with this fun puzzle.

Christmas math worksheet logic puzzle

A fun way to incorporate reading in math.  Students will be working on identifying the key words and important information.  What a fun way to prepare them for thinking through word problems!

Bonus Christmas Cards

These festive Christmas cards are perfect for the writing center or for a whole class writing assignment.  Students will love writing cards for their family, friends, or teachers and staff at the school.

Christmas worksheet card templates

If you want to incorporate some writing into math, encourage students to write their own word problem that is related to the picture on the front of the card.  Then students can trade with each other and solve the word problems.

No Prep Christmas Math Fun!

These Christmas Math Worksheets are the perfect way to add some holiday cheer into your class time.  Perfect to complete during independent practice, math centers or with a small group.  Use them as they are, or as a spring board to facilitate higher level thinking through analysis and creation.

Save the Christmas Math Worksheets!

Pin them now to save them for later!

5 fun christmas math worksheets for upper elementary classrooms

Looking for More Seasonal Learning?

If you love connecting your classroom learning to the seasons or holidays then you must check out these other posts. Here are many seasonal activities that will engage your students while still keeping them focused on the important skills and standards they need.


Shelly Rees

Hi, I’m Shelly! Thank you for being here. I love helping third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers with fun and engaging activities that require no to little prep! Let me help you by taking some of the stress and work off your plate.


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Hi, I'm Shelly

Hi, I’m Shelly! Thank you for being here. I love helping third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers with fun and engaging activities that require no to little prep! Let me help you by taking some of the stress and work off your plate.

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