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Planets Reading Passages | Solar System Reading

# of Pages: 118
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This packet of planets reading passages has everything you need for a complete Close Reading unit about the solar system in your classroom. Differentiated Reading Passages are at the heart of this one-stop resource for learning all about the planets of the Solar System!


If you have never used Close Reading or even if you are already a pro, this 110+ page packet truly is for you! It has everything you need for a complete, successful informational text reading and science unit.


Each of the 10 passages included in this resource is provided in two differentiated reading levels. One is in the fifth-sixth grade reading range, and the other is in the third-fourth grade reading level range. The level is given for each passage, along with a guide that provides the corresponding grade level for the reading levels. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of differentiating and leveling of passages for you!


This comprehensive Solar System and Planets Reading Passages Unit includes:

  • 10 Solar System Informational Passages – One for Each Planet (each passage has 2 differentiated versions)
  • 5 Close Reading Activities for Each Passage
  • Compare/Contrast and Summary Writing Activities
  • Teacher Guide Sheets
  • Annotation Guide
  • Answer Keys
  • 12 Bonus Solar System Coloring Pages


*PLEASE NOTE: Although Pluto is not a planet, it is presented in this packet as one of the five dwarf planets.


This packet includes these high-interest planets reading passages:

  • The Sun: Center of the Solar System
  • Mercury: The Sun’s Neighbor
  • Venus: Deadly Planet
  • Earth: The Living Planet
  • Mars: The Red Planet
  • Jupiter: The Gas Giant
  • Saturn: The Ringed Planet
  • Uranus: The Ice Giant
  • Neptune: The Blue Planet
  • Pluto: Dwarf Planet


This packet is both rigorous and Common-Core aligned. Questions have been carefully crafted to move readers from basic, recall questions to higher-level questions where students must cite evidence from the text to support their answers. There are 5 tasks/activities for each passage, moving from easier tasks to more challenging activities. Each passage and its corresponding activities offer a full-week’s worth of close reading.


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As always, please contact me with any questions!

Thank you so much,
Shelly Rees


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