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Reading Comprehension Escape Room Challenges Bundle



Total Pages: 180
File Size: 266 MB


Can your students work in teams to solve reading comprehension problems and puzzles in order to collect all the items to complete a fun challenge? These exciting reading comprehension escape room activities will have your students engaged and LOVING every minute of reading skills practice and review! NO LOCKS REQUIRED!

PERFECT for reading comprehension practice, skills review, and test prep!

By purchasing this convenient, easy-to-use bundle, you are saving 45% off the price of the individual packets. The full value of this bundle is $45.00.

What is included in the Reading Comprehension Escape Room Challenges Bundle?

How do the escape challenges work?

Students can work in teams or individually to complete all 5 tasks in each challenge. As they complete each of the 5 tasks, they will bring you their answers and you will quickly check them. If they are correct, you will hand them a related item (printed on the provided page) and then the next task. They continue this process until all 5 tasks are completed. When they finish, they are a “Challenge Master” and you can give them a prize or an award.

Use the included Challenge Champions Prize printables to make fun prizes and awards for students!

Are the Reading Comprehension Escape Rooms hard to set up?

There are NO LOCKS, no hiding of objects, or any extra prep work. The beauty of these escape activities is that they are very low prep. Just make your copies, organize your teams, label your awards (if you want to give prizes), and you’re set!

Of course, some fun music and decorations also help set the stage if you want.

Reviews from Happy Teachers and Homeschooling Families:

“I love escape rooms, but often times they are a nightmare to set up. These are simple to set up. There are no locks to purchase and/or set up. The directions are clear and easy for students to follow independently. The themes allow you to be as creative or simple as you choose!” – Tracey

“My students and I both LOVED using this resource in the classroom! It was both engaging and easy to work with. My favorite way to use this resource was during our center activities. I recommended this to some of my colleagues to purchase also!” – Krista

“We completed this together in class over Zoom. I pulled up each page and shared my screen and the students worked through it together with me marking answers on a printed sheet. While it isn’t designed for digital learning, my students were able to complete it and enjoyed the topic. Thank you!” – Teacher

“My students love these. I use these in small groups and they are always very excited when I bring a new on out for them to do. Thank you!!” – Deana

“This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it with my kids. We have several of your other Escape Rooms and we LOVE them! They are very user friendly and easy to implement. Thank you! Two thumbs up! ” – Eva

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