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Winter PBL | Plan a Sledding Party Writing Project

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Students will be so excited with this NO PREP winter writing activity, they will jump right into the fun! In this Bite-Sized PBL unit, students will have the opportunity to plan a winter sledding party by using all 3 modes of writing, opinion, narrative, and informative.


Let’s face it. Not all teachers have time to do a full-blown, complete Project Based Learning unit. That’s where Bite-Sized PBL Activities come in!


This mini winter PBL unit was created with the expectation that most teachers could use and finish it in a 1-2 day time frame with their students. Perfect for the busy teacher and classrooms without a lot of time away from their standard lesson plans!


All of the hard work is done for you. Simply print the NO PREP pages, and let your students make the decisions in this fun Plan a Sledding Party Unit!


This engaging Winter PBL writing packet includes:

  • Unit Guide for Teachers
  • Letter from Frosty McChill, the fun-loving snowman (entry event)
  • Sledding Party Planning Page
  • Sledding Party Time Schedule
  • Party Refreshments
  • Event Poster Project (Persuasive)
  • Party Invitation (Informative Writing)
  • Frosty’s Fun Time at the Party (Narrative Writing)
  • Themed Writing Paper
  • Scoring Rubrics
  • More!


You will begin the unit by reading the letter from Frosty McChill, the fun-loving snowman, to the students. Place the letter in a fun envelope and make a big deal of opening it and reading it to the class. Your students’ enthusiasm for the project will definitely be higher with this entry event!


From there, it’s up to you to decide which activities to have your students complete. Obviously, the more activities you include, the more time the unit will take to complete. Whether you choose to do a little or a lot of the unit, your students will love the writing activities!


Thanks for following along!

Shelly Rees


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