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How to Set-up a Winter Math Escape Room

Winter can be a tough time in the classroom.  It’s generally the longest period of time without a break and the weather often means more time inside.  Add to that the shorter days and grayer skies, and winter can affect us as teachers, too!  Don’t let your classroom fall to the doldrums of winter, instead embrace the fun and whimsy of the season and bring it into your classroom.  This Winter Escape Room is a great example of an easy way to do just this!

Winter Math Escape Room for 2D Shapes Tips and Ideas

Your students will love working on 2D Shapes with this interactive escape room activity.  Forget everything you think you know about complicated, time intensive classroom escape rooms. Instead keep reading to find out how easy it is to set-up this math escape room activity in your classroom.

This snowman building escape room will have your students working together in small groups to complete a variety of activities related to 2D shapes.  As they complete each activity, they will earn a new part of the snowman. The goal is to earn all the snowman cards to successfully build the snowman.

2D shape winter escape room activity

Prepare the Escape Room

The first thing you need to do is prepare the escape room.  But it’s not what you think . . . no props or locks required.  Instead this low prep escape room just needs some copies, a few cuts on the paper cutter and that’s it!

To begin, determine the number of groups you will have.  A group of 3 to 4 students is a great size for this activity.  Then simply copy the pages for each group.  Each group will need one set of escape room activity pages – not one set per person.

winter escape room that is low prep

Organize the papers for each group in a folder with a group number on the top.  This will allow you to easily keep each groups’ activities organized.  Groups are provided with one activity at a time and will likely work through the activities at different speeds.  By keeping each group separate you can easily know what they need next.

Decide if you will use the certificates or small prizes for completing the escape room.  These are completely optional and not necessary for the learning activities of the escape room.  However, they do provide a fun and engaging way to close out the activity.

If you want to use certificates, just decide if you will issue one per person or one per team and make the necessary copies.  A fun small prize for this winter themed escape room is miniature powdered donuts.  A bag topper is provided so you can simply print or copy the number of bag toppers you need.  Then prepare the prize bags, staple on the bag topper and voila . . . your prizes are done.

That’s it!  Your preparation is done and your escape room is ready!

Playing the Escape Room

On the day of the activity make sure that students have access to pencils, and colored pencils or crayons.  You will also want to a pair of scissors handy to cut out the snowman parts for each activity (unless you already cut them during your prep).

Divide students into their groups and assign each group a number.  This will correlate to the numbers on your folders.  Begin the activity by giving each group the first escape room activity.

It’s also fun to display or project a large countdown clock on the board.  This adds a little sense of urgency to the activity.  You can find some free online timers at On-line Stopwatch.  This snowman race timer is perfect for this escape room!

project a countdown timer for the escape room activity - this snowman timer fits the winter themeAs each group finishes an activity have them bring it to you for a quick check.  If it is correct, hand them the snowman piece they earned for completing the activity and the next activity.  If it is not correct, have them make corrections.  You can decide if you will tell students which parts are incorrect or have them find their own mistakes.

sample task for the 2D shape winter escape room

Students will continue to work on one activity at a time until they have correctly completed all the activities and earned all of the snowman cards.

Your main job during the activity will be checking the work and handing out the next snowman pieces and activity pages.

Want to make checking for correct answers quick and easy?  Simply print the provided answer sheets in color.  This will make it really easy to spot the answers.

As each group finishes their last activity you can present the certificate or prize if you are using them.

It’s sure to be an engaging activity your students won’t soon forget!

Other Ways to Use Escape Rooms

If completing this activity as an in class activity doesn’t fit your schedule, here’s some other ways you can use it:

winter escape room activity

  1. Early Finisher Activity – Create a set for each student.  Allow students to complete the activities as they finish other classwork and have available time.  This provides a great academic review for them to work on while waiting for the next class activity.  Keep the escape room out through the winter months.  You can send home any unfinished activities for students to complete at home.
  2. Fun Friday Activity – 2D Shapes might not be your instructional focus – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great review activity.  Fun Fridays are a great way to review previously taught concepts throughout the year.
  3. Indoor Recess Activity – Students love recess and they get really bummed when they can’t go outside during the winter.  Use escape rooms during your indoor recess time and I bet their attitude about indoor recess changes!

Grab Your Winter Escape Room

You can find this engaging snowman themed Winter Escape Room activity in the Appletastic Learning store.  Everything you need, except the prize, is included.  It’s ready to print, copy and use!

winter escape room activity for 2D shapes

Do your students love escape rooms?  Here’s some more low prep escape rooms for your upper elementary classroom.

escape room bundle with math and reading escape room activities

Here’s just a few of the escape activities you can find in this huge bundle:

Save these Ideas!

Pin this to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so that you can come back when you need a fun and engaging activity for your students.  With no crazy props or prep needed, you could even print, copy and complete it today!

Winter Escape Room for reviewing 2D shapes

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