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Vocabulary Activities for Any Words – EDITABLE Word Work



This helpful, editable packet provides meaningful vocabulary activities that are engaging and fun for students! Just type your words on the first page, and the words automatically appear throughout the entire booklet!

This resource is an easy-to-edit pdf form. Teachers just enter their list of vocabulary words on the cover of the booklet, and the file AUTOMATICALLY populates the vocab words on the rest of the pages! Seriously, where has this been all my teaching life?

To see a quick VIDEO of how this packet works, CLICK HERE.

Because you can easily add your own list of words to the packet, it is ideal for use every week that you have a new list of vocabulary words to cover for the story from your textbook, a new topic you are learning about, or novel studies.

Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included!

Why are there 8 spaces for vocabulary words? Most schools use textbooks which feature anywhere from 4-8 words per selection. If you have less than 8 words for the week’s selection, you can either choose your own challenge words to add in or just leave some sections blank. It’s up to you! If you have more than 8 words for the week, I suggest paring it down to 8 for this booklet or have students add extra sections or pages to accommodate a larger list.

How should I use the booklet? Once you’ve added your week’s words, copy (double-sided) a book for each student. (I kept it to 2 pages of paper per booklet to save on your ink.) There are 7 pages in the booklet. I would suggest having students use this schedule:
Monday – pages 1-2: Write the Word & Write the Definition
Tuesday – pages 3-4: Illustrate the Word
Wednesday – page 5: Synonyms and Antonyms
Thursday – page 6: Write a Sentence
Friday – page 7: Create a Quiz

The packet also includes a bonus vocabulary activity printable page!

Click HERE to see the Editable Spelling Words Packet.

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Thank you so much,
Shelly Rees


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