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Book Report Projects Bundle



Total Pages: 51
File Size: 137 MB


Ready to try a different approach to the traditional book report? Your students will love ALL four book report projects included in this fun bundle! This fun and engaging resource has everything you need to get your students excited about reading and sharing their books.

By purchasing this ready-to-go bundle, you are saving 20% off the price of the individual resources!

What is included in the Book Report Projects Bundle?

What are some ways teachers can use this bundle?

  • Have students complete an activity as an independent project.
  • Have a Cereal Box Book Report Competition.
  • Display in the hallway or classroom for a parents’ night.
  • Assign digital activities through Google Classroom.
  • Assign the project at the end of a classroom novel to assess student understanding.
  • Make copies of all sheets from the Story Maps Graphic Organizers, including the student packet cover of your choice, bind into a booklet, and let your students fill out a different organizer each time they read a new book. This method gives them the power to choose, but in the end, all sheets will have been used. Students LOVE having choices!
  • Choose one template and use it after reading a book to your students.
  • Use the “Create Your Own Bookmark” page from the Story Maps Graphic Organizers to have students show their understanding of a novel they have chosen. Fold and glue the two sides back to back and laminate. Keep each bookmark inside its matching novel. This way, students can learn a little more about a prospective book before they decide to read it!
  • Use a graphic organizer after reading the class selection for the week in your Reading textbook.

You won’t be disappointed with the results you will see with any of these four resources! Students are excited to demonstrate their understanding of books with this fun projects! They are SO much better than old, boring traditional book reports.

Reviews from Happy Teachers and Homeschooling Families:

“Absolutely amazing! Creative ways/projects for students to respond to their reading. Plus, useful graphic organizers. A MUST in your collection!”

“Love this resource! My students enjoyed having the option to choose which activity they wanted to complete for the assignment! They turned out great! Choice is key! I can’t wait for them to complete another book report using these templates!”

“This is a great resource, full of useful and exciting ways for students to do a book report. My kids loved building their cereal boxes using their books! ”

“This is exactly what I was looking for; alternatives to the common book report and summary. At such a great price, it would be the perfect resource for any classroom. Thank you for sharing!”

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