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Christmas Project Based Learning | Design a Gingerbread House PBL

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Christmas activities are fun and academic with this creative, high-interest, NO MESS Design a Gingerbread House Project. What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this Christmas Project Based Learning unit? Now includes a DIGITAL version! Students will have the opportunity to plan and design a gingerbread house, complete an entry form for a gingerbread house contest, and practice measurement skills in a fun and engaging way.


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All of the hard work is done for you. Simply print the NO PREP pages, and let your students make the decisions in this fun Christmas Project Based Learning Unit! Ideal for a mess-free holiday party activity!


While this unit is perfect for celebrating Christmas in the classroom, it is also ideal for teachers who are not able to bring Christmas into the classroom.


This engaging Christmas Project Based Learning activity includes:
• Unit Guide for Teachers
• Gingerbread House Research
• Choosing a House Theme
• Planning the Gingerbread House
• Planning the House Decorations
• Shopping List
• Perfect Pictures
• The Holiday Playlist
• Project Problems (Math Word Problems)
• Gingerbread House Contest Entry Form (informational, descriptive, and persuasive writing)
• Making a Gingerbread House (creative project)
• Measuring Your House (perimeter, area, volume, weight)
• Scoring Rubrics
• More!


The Shopping List page requires students to add and subtract money, while the Measuring Your House page requires students to work with perimeter, area, and volume. Calculators could definitely be used on these pages, or if they are too difficult, you can choose to just exclude these two pages.


If you choose to have students create their own houses, you can either have them make it in their own way, or you can use the included directions for a milk-carton gingerbread house.


Please note: Students could be required to do some research in order to brainstorm ideas. Research guides are not included with this packet.


This was our first time doing a PBL and it was wonderful. The kids made gingerbread houses with cardboard I precut and they went to town decorating them according to their plans. We displayed them in the cafeteria and asked the whole school to vote as part of the contest. We received many compliments on their finished products from students and staff alike. Thank you for such a great resource!” (a happy customer)


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As always, please contact me with any questions!

Thank you,
Shelly Rees


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