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Project Based Learning Activities Bundle for the Year



File Size: 753 MB


This bundle of Project Based Learning Activities has everything you need for fun and engaging learning, whether you are teaching your students in person or virtually. Students love real-life learning activities, and this bundle of high-interest activities will have them asking for more! Students will have the opportunity to use create maps, solve problems, make brochures, plan activities, and so much more all year round. What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with these fun projects?

By purchasing this Project Based Learning Bundle for the Year, you are saving 35% off the price of the individual units.

All of the hard work is done for you in each unit. Simply print the NO PREP pages or assign the Google slides, and let your students make the decisions in these fun project based learning units!

You can use each entire packet for a longer project time-frame, or pick and choose the components that work best for your classroom and schedule.

What is included in the Project Based Learning Bundle?

What is inside each individual unit?

While the units are unique and have different activities, they all include:

  • Unit Guide for Teachers
  • Scoring Rubrics
  • 3 Culminating Activities (Use them all or just one!)
  • Printable Version
  • Google Slides Version
  • Math-Related Tasks
  • Writing Activities
  • Problem-Solving Opportunities
  • Creative Tasks
  • High-Interest Activities
  • Academically-Aligned Problems
  • Fun Learning!

What if some of the pages are too easy or too challenging for my students? 

These units are extremely versatile. You have the ability to use only the pages you’d like with your class. It is not necessary to complete all the pages for each packet. You can pick and choose the activities within each unit that work best for your learning situation!

The Project Based Learning Activities Bundle has everything you need for year’s worth of fun and engaging learning projects. Students will learn, have fun, and be fully invested in the tasks at hand with each activity.

Reviews from Happy Teachers and Homeschooling Families:

“My students are so excited about these projects! They look forward to them after I started with the Hot Cocoa Stand PBL project in this bundle. I’ve also purchased (separately) the Haunted House one for last year and the kids absolutely loved it! Such a great resource also great for distance learning!”

“We’ve started the Hot Cocoa stand and my students are SO enthusiastic. So easy to print and use while also being easy to differentiate and personalize. Love the way the project flows and uses multiple skills across multiple disciplines. Can’t wait use more from this bundle.”

“Absolutely fantastic resource! I introduced PBL in my school last year and it was a huge hit! Definitely planning to use again this year however in separate classes. Highly recommend!”

“I used this resource specifically with two types of students in my class. I used them with a student who doesn’t do anything usually and is very hard to asses and this has math and literacy in it so I made it an independent project for him. Went over great!! So simple to get an assessment out of him. I also used it with a high flyer who was always done work so fast and I can never have enough work for her. This again was an independent project for her and she is loving doing it!”

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