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Valentine’s Day Project Based Learning | PBL Project

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Students LOVE real-life learning, and this “Valentine’s Day Cupcake Contest” PBL unit will have them asking for more units just like it! Now includes a DIGITAL version! Students will have the opportunity to plan and design a prize-winning cupcake, research a recipe, write how to decorate an award-winning cupcake, and so much more! What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this fun Valentine’s Day Activity?

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Please see the PREVIEW above for an idea of everything included in this loaded resource!

All of the hard work is done for you. Simply print the NO PREP pages, and let your students make the decisions in this fun Valentine’s Day Cupcake Contest Project Based Learning Unit!

You can use the entire packet for a longer project time-frame, or pick and choose the components that work best for your classroom and schedule. I do suggest having an actual cupcake party at the end of the unit….. I mean, who doesn’t love sweet treats?!! I’ve even provided some bonus banners for you to use as a decoration.

This engaging Cupcake Contest PBL includes:
• Unit Guide for Teachers
• Planning the Cupcake Design
• Cupcake Contest Supplies
• A Winning Cupcake Design
• Design a Cupcake Display
• Sweet Selfies
• Cupcakes for a Crowd (repeated addition or multiplication of fractions)
• Cupcake Calculations (Math Word Problems)
• A Winning Recipe (recipe research, writing)
• Expanding Your Recipe (doubling and tripling measurements)
• How to Decorate a Cupcake Flipbook (informational, how-to writing flip book)
• Cupcake Contest (completing a registration form, persuasive poster, presentation)
• Bonus Cupcake Contest Banners
• Cupcake Contest Winner and Participation Awards
• Scoring Rubrics
• More!

Please note: Students are required to do some research in order to find a cupcake recipe. Research guides are not included with this packet.

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As always, please contact me with any questions!

Thank you,
Shelly Rees


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