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Your students will enjoy learning about the events of the Civil War and this important time in US History with this interactive packet. Now includes a DIGITAL VERSION for Google Classroom. The hands-on approach to learning through the components of this resource will surely help your students learn and understand the cause/effect relationships of events in this period of history!

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This resource includes both a printable version AND a digital version. The digital version is on Google Slides and is perfect for distance learning, independent work, centers, and more!

The hands-on, engaging packet has 4 components:
• Create a Timeline: Students construct a timeline of the major events using the printable timeline boxes.
• Interactive Notebook Foldables: Printable foldables for each of the major events can be used for student note-taking and learning the chronology of the events.
• Information Guide: This printable is helpful for student note-taking and for use throughout the unit.
• Bulletin Board Timeline Display: Use these for a bulletin board or classroom activity to identify the chronology of the events during the Civil War.

The packet also includes a teacher-direction sheet with photo examples of the projects in use in the classroom. It is very clear and easy-to-use; basically just print and go!

This packet covers these events that occurred during the war:
Battle of Fort Sumter
Robert E. Lee Joins Confederacy
Anaconda Plan
First Battle of Bull Run
Battle of Shiloh
2nd Battle of Bull Run
Emancipation Proclamation
Battle of Gettysburg
Gettysburg Address
Union Leadership
Lincoln is Re-elected
Slavery is Abolished
Appomattox Campaign
Assassination of Lincoln

If you only want to cover part of these events, it is very simple to adjust the packet’s contents to suit your own needs!

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You can find each of the individual Social Studies Interactive Notebooks and Mini Units here:
Maps, Continents, and Landforms
Explorers of the World
Road to the Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War
The 13 Colonies (Geography)
Colonial America – Daily Life
Colonial America – Jobs and Trades
Lewis and Clark Expedition
The Oregon Trail
The Gold Rush
The Civil War – Events Leading to the War
The Civil War
The U.S. Constitution
3 Branches of U.S. Government
Elections and the Voting Process

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